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The journey of Arctic Protein started in Trondheim, where its co-founders decided to go together in doing something ambitious to enable sustainability in Norway's second largest exporting industry - salmon farming. 

When discovering that 80% of the emissions in the industry comes from the fishfeed, this became an area of high interest. Long story short: when studying the huge vacuum between supply and demand of insect protein, Arctic Protein was started with a goal of meeting the demand of sustainable raw materials for feedstock. A few pitches and and rewards later, the journey of Arctic Protein had only just begun. 


One road-trip to Sweden later, Arctic Protein picked up its first batch of Black Soldier Fly eggs. 3 days later, Arctic Protein's first ever black soldier fly larvae generation was crawling in a small box at Eirik's bathroom floor. After his roomates found out, it was time for Arctic Protein to move to a bigger (and more suitable) location.        


In collaboration with Nyhavna Utvikling, Arctic Protein got access to an old, 600 square metres transportation warehouse. Obviously, this was not tailored for insect production and that only meant one thing: it was time to get our hands dirty and transform the warehouse to a pilot factory for insect production. 


Many weeks later filled with construction and late nights, the warehouse started looking like an insect production line. Whilst still under construction, Arctic Protein started to grow insects, which meant we could start learning through hands-on experiences with the insects.  

So far, Arctic Protein was funded through various soft-funnding options available through Norwegian University of Technology and Natural Science (NTNU), and now it was time to establish Arctic Protein as a registred company - Arctic Protein Industries AS.  


Over the summer, the team had made large steps in creating the production line through various tests and failures. In August, we delivered our first ever batch of protein, and thus project ''Arctic Protein Pilot'' was considered our first ever MVP.

However, this was only the start. We had now been through all the steps needed for production of insects, but along the way we identified many bottlenecks and issues that needed to be adressed for future production.   


Arctic Protein starts solidifying the long-term strategy of the company, meeting important key partners for future production. This includes research projects, where Arctic Protein, together with SINTEF Ocean, Nibio and EC. Dahls was granted 70 000€ in research grants by the Norwegian Agriculture Agency.  

A highlight of the month was winning Arctic Ignite, providing us with over 65 000 € in prizes. 


Address: Skippergate 13, 7042 Trondheim

Org. / VAT: 931 863 444

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